Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Do Not Piss Off The Internet

From Queerty, regarding "model" Josh Peters' belligerent requests to have his copywrited [sic] photograph removed from the blog:

Mr. Peters, consider yourself lucky that in a field lousy with hopefuls, possibles, has-beens and also rans; that the editor of Queerty posted your pics at no charge to yourself and gave you the kind of free advertising that most wannabes would give their left nut for.

If you find it so offensive that we bumboys might want to look at you on our stupid gay sites, then I suggest you not quit your day job–what ever that might be–and focus on cultivating your irrational distaste of gays and the harmless blogs we frequent.

In short, Mr. Peters, go fuck yourself you pathetic, lazy, common looking sack of shit. Get down on your knees and be thankful that anyone would give your scrawny ass the time of day. And while down there, Mr. Peters, pucker up and get ready to kiss some ass, because the internet is forever and your comments will be remembered by the next "bumboy" you try to solicit work from, you dimwitted, trashy looking fuck.

Now fuck you and the high horse you rode in on, jackass.

The folks at Queerty agreed, but not without Peters flinging his homophobic idiocy around like a real pro.


  1. YEA!
    (what he said)

    Um, just one question... who the FUCK is Josh Peters anyway?!

  2. Now we'll never know.

    It's okay, though...he's waaaay too skinny

  3. I got an email from a model about that once, he wanted me to link to him and give him credit and all this crap. I removed the picture.

    Thank god they're pretty.

  4. Well said my fiend! What crap---he might be pretty but thats about it...what a ASSHOLE eh?


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