Saturday, September 20, 2008

Genie In A Blog Meme

there are only a few rules.

  • link back to your genie.
  • tag anyone you like.
  • you are allowed ONLY three wishes for each question, so at NO point may you ask for more wishes. if you do, you will be instantly disqualified and a plague of termites will descend upon your home. your hard drive will be completely erased, a thousand fleas will invade your armpits, your toilet won't flush and all your pubes will fall out. forever.

  • i'd like to be taller. much taller. not a giant, but another 4 inches would be great.
  • he bod. Not one that needs work every other day, but one that is just naturally fabulous.
  • gotta say, i want a bigger snake. another 4 inches would be great.
love life?
  • i wish i had explored my sexuality more after coming out.
  • the Devil. i wish i had nailed him like the bitch he is.
  • i wish i wasn't so uptight sometimes. i get weirded out by being outside, being in public or being anywhere that anyone can watch. yet, i think being a voyeur is hot. weird.
global village?
  • no more HIV/AIDS.
  • no more lawlessness from "developed" nations.
  • i'd like to say 'no more corrupt politicians', but more than that, i'd like to see bush/cheney get what they deserve.
  • entertainer
  • writer
  • something-ANYTHING-more creative than right now.
sex with celebrities?
  • colin farrell
  • mark wahlberg
  • eddie cibrian
  • independently wealthy
  • perfect fit model measurements
  • i get to keep poodle.
i tag:
anyone who wants to do this....just let me know so i can come read your answers!


  1. I get the attraction to Colin, I love his sex tape. Mow THAT is a Snake!

  2. DONE!!!!

    That was FAR more fun than it should have been.

    Thank you Genie!


you better make this good.


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