Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goings On

How sad.

Back on ShirleyHeezgay!, I mused about some of the people in my neighbourhood. I've mentioned The Gays next door, but I've decided to rename them (The Mismatch[e]s), and I'm now totally convinced that they are leading a sad little life.*

Studly Mismatch comes and goes all day long, sometimes by bike, sometimes by their luxury SUV. I think he's a personal trainer or something. Oblivious Nerdy-Mismatch goes to work everyday to help pay the mortgage on their million dollar home.

In the meantime, Studly often has a handsome visitor, Happy Homewrecka, who actually has the code for their garage. I've seen Studly and Happy cavorting and ass slapping in the middle of the day, only to see them dash off before Oblivious comes home. Either Studly is fully messing around on his husband, or the Mismatch's decided to marry a Homewrecka. Still, I've never seen Happy and Oblivious together. Ever.

Actually, whenever I see Studly and Oblivious together, they just look so miserable. They don't talk, they don't laugh. When Studly has little parties on the deck with all his shirtless friends, I don't ever see Oblivious. Travelling, maybe, on the road to oblivion?

*This in no way should be misconstrued or viewed as judgment against those who practice open relationships. I just get a little bitch like when it comes to Studly Mismatch. I don't care for him, his ego or his pretentious friends. Plus, I think there comes a time when grown men, whether they have the body or not, should stop shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch. Studly has the body, but I think it just makes him look older.

PhotobucketI am; therefore, I judge.


  1. Far be it from me to judge, but Mismatches is the plural ('s is possessive).

    For example:
    The Mismatches have an as-yet undisclosed level of openness in the relationship.
    The Mismatches' SUV is a planet killer.

    You may now spew venom at me.

  2. hmmm...
    are you sure?

    What if your neighbours are named Smith?

    "The Smithes have an as-yet undisclosed level of openness in the relationship." doesn't quite look right.

    Wouldn't it be "The Smiths have an..."?

  3. Ooh, but i do see the initial typo...

    Thoughts, bloggers?

  4. what fun..its nice to get caught back up on the soap next door..,,,keep it up Missy Cravitz! I love it!

  5. I wonder if they are just roommates or "friends"... or ex lovers that still have a house together.

    When studly leaves, and nerdy is going to come home, you should leave an anonymous letter in their mailbox about the cheating!

  6. I'll bet Studly also refers to himself as a "boi" as well.


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