Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Hard Candy, Please

Another male model has come out against his image being used to promote The Gays.

Genre magazine featured photos of this fucker, Benjamin Massing. The "cruel and vulgar" pic features Benji here in minimal clothing, and being all dirty and lewd and lascivious...according to him.

And Benji does not like it. At all. So, in an invasion of privacy suit, he's suing the photographer and Genre magazine for -get this- portraying him as "lustful and sexually promiscuous."

Hello? Benny...when you were awake, aware and taking direction from the photographer, how did it not occur to you to voice your concerns then? Why are the photos suddenly so objectionable? Surely, you were uncomfortable with them before they landed in the pages of Genre Magazine?

Not for nothin' but you, Bennyboy, are a homophobic, self-hating asshole.

Me? I'm just a bitch, which is why I'm doing this:


  1. maybe because it was so cold in there? that's why he doesn't like the pictures.

  2. I've got one thing to say... Eww.

    Pre and Post 'scandal' he does less for me than Stephen Harper.

  3. Hold it...
    Gun to your head, you'd pick Harper to nail over this twig?

  4. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  5. Wow, Benjamin Massing is attractive to GAY men. Benjamin Massing is featured on many GAY websites. GAY men find Benjamin Massing to be hot. GAY. Benjamin Massing. GAY. Benjamin Massing. GAY. Benjamin Massing. GAY. Benjamin Massing. GAY. Benjamin Massing. GAY. Benjamin Massing.

    There. Put that in your Google and browse it.

    Mark :-)

  6. You also forgot "skinny, unattractive, twinkboy".

  7. alexander: right?

    Mark: Love it!

    cb: and "...nasty, emaciated stale old piece of toast."

  8. Two words, "Personal Responsibility"


you better make this good.


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