Monday, September 29, 2008

The Queen In Greece

Special report from Greece!

Last night M was in Athens (at the new Olympic Stadium from 2004) with 74,000 Greeks who love her like me!!!! It was her first time performing in Greece. Before the concert fans said they've been waiting for it their whole life. The traffic around the stadium was at a stand-still because everybody outside just put their cars in park and listened to M. They said you could here her 3 or 4 kms in every direction.
When M's chair turned around at the beginning and everybody saw her, you could see that nobody could believe it was her and the stadium was silent for a second.
When she was singing You Must Love Me, the audience was singing back "We love you M" so loud throughout the song that it made M stop for a minute, she took a step back, and she started crying for a second. They got her a little emotional.


  1. Madonna 11th row Vancouver BC--Only 31 more days! I am going to cry when I see HER!!!

  2. I am full of jealousy, envy and evil thoughts...breathe...fine. All is fine.

    Hope you have a great time at the show, but you did know that the whole 11th row of the BC Place Stadium is built on a haunted Native Burial ground AND a dangerous fault line?



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