Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Skinny Fat Guy

This evening, I witnessed the epitome of this poor tragic phenomenon.

The SKG is exactly that. To look at him, you'd say he was lean. Skinny, even. Then, he takes off his shirt. Um, wait. You have a belly? But you're skinny? It happens to the best of them and is a strange sight to behold, but in some cases, easy to overlook.

Well, this poor donkey looked just like this:

He was skinny. Skinny arms, skinny lady hands and fingers (you know the kind), skinny neck, no double chin, absolutely no ass, and rail thin legs.

And his own flotation device, right there wrapped around the middle. I am not exaggerating what I witnessed because he presented himself with skinny jeans and a tight tee.

...and before anybody goes all lispy body fascist ballistic on me...I look like this:

I know what I speak of, so fuck off.


  1. You look like an iced bun with a cherry on top? Yum!

  2. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin...WHAT are we gonna do with you? From where I sat that Saturday night in Phoenix, you looked damn FINE.

    In the vernacular of the day, "I'd hit it!"

    So stop bein' all inner queer-hatin' on yourself. You are HAWT.


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