Thursday, September 25, 2008

Too Good Not To Steal

In the meantime, I've been viewing numerous clips of Miss Mom Jeans 2008. I have come to the conclusion that the Republican campaign is being run like the Wizard of Oz. The whole "men behind the curtain" thing has never been more true.

Meanwhile, she's one myocardial infarction or cardiac thrombosis away from the hottest seat in the house.

This whole thing is going to start playing out like a Nora Ephron rom-com. I can see it now....

John McCain and Sarah Palin star in
The Wedding Planner's Best Friend Is A Runaway Bride Who Has Mail Informing Her She's The Next POTUS!

Opens Friday!


  1. How can something be so simultaneously funny and scary at the same time? It boggles the mind.

  2. "I shall call her Minnie Moose."

  3. I think the entire Rethuglican party is just days away from completely imploding.


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