Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whatcha Eatin'?

Let's face it, when it comes to food, I'm weak.

I am what some would refer to as a "foodie" but sometimes I think I am just a little too particular about certain things to be a full fledged Foodie. More on that a bit later...

Poodle and I enjoy treating ourselves to dinners at lovely restaurants; we split up our grocery needs between: grocery store, no frills store, butcher, baker, candlestick maker.

We love going the extra mile (and dollar) when hosting cocktail or dinner parties, because let's face it, premium top shelf is miles and away more memorable and special than having your guests say, "what the hell was that?" or worse..."Mmm..interesting. Where did you get it?"

Confessions time:

I like veal. Love it. I know where it comes from and I'm sorry. But I like it. I don't eat it a lot, but when I do....mmm.

I love foie gras. More than love it. I know where it comes from and I'm sorry. I look at it this least they're getting fed. Besides, birds freak me out and it's incredibly difficult for me to feel sympathy for something that pecked the shit out of Tippi Hedren.

I've eaten venison, rabbit, bison and I think someone slipped me some hippopotamus once, but that's another story. I liked the venison. The rabbit was alright. Bison was gamey. Once was good.

Red meat. I know I shouldn't eat it. The health implications alone, but the way I see it, if cavemen ate it I can eat it, too. I also can say with great certainty that we don't eat red meat with the same frequency as prehistoric man so I think we'll last a lot longer.

I think cream and butter should be their own food group.

Now. These are the things that keep me from being a full blown Foodie:
  • I do not, will not, cannot, eat meat on the bone. That is just a little too prehistoric/cannibalistic for me. At a restaurant, I will always inquire if the meat is served "on the bone" and if it is, I request that it is removed for serving. I don't mind that it's cooked on the bone, but it's better I don't think about it. Further to that, I ONLY buy boneless anything when cooking at home.
  • Seafood. Blech. I will only eat shrimp, scallops and I can eat about three or four pieces of smoked salmon. After that, NO THANK YOU. So yes, this means I don't eat lobster, crab, oysters, mussels, escargots, any kind of fish, calamari or any member of the cephalopod family.
  • The idea of making my own stock with the CARCASS of anything gives me the heebeejeebees.
  • Osso bucco. If I don't think about it, maybe, MAYBE I'll be okay.
  • Did I mention I don't eat fish? Unless it's tuna. From a can. Call me trash, I don't care.
  • Which brings me to sushi. I've tried. Many times. I can only get as far as a California Roll or Vegetarian sushi with yummy avocado and fish.
  • Green vegetables and I have a love/hate relationship. Broccoli? Love. Fiddleheads? Kill me now.
  • I can't eat peas. GAG. Never have been able to, never will. Ooo, unless they're in the Thai Basil Rice from Thai To Go. Then somehow I'm able to eat them.
  • I won't even consider any type of weird delicacy. Bugs, testicles, eyeballs, brain. You get the picture.
A general rule of thumb is: if I have it/one, I won't eat it.

Despite all these food rules (and I KNOW I'm missing some) I often think of becoming a vegetarian. I've given myself until 2012. That's when the Canadian government has decided that foie gras is no longer permitted.

Here, goosey goosey goosey....


  1. You asked to be called this: Your trash. White trash. What a wretched diet.

    Fresh fish and greens are the basis for healthy living dahling.

  2. *GASP* what a terrible thing to say!

    I eat vegetables and greens and stuff but I'm very VERY particular.

    I don't eat fast food AT ALL and I try to eat as much chocolate as possible.

    How darest thou!

  3. I really can't stand to eat anything on the bone either. Now the bone itself... :)

  4. heh WE should live together I'll eat everything you don't!

    And what's this shit about "Canadian government has decided that foie gras is no longer permitted"???

  5. A couple of years ago, there was talk about banning it altogether, then I heard 2012...not sure what the situashe is now.

    I'll have to do a little investigatin'.

  6. I love red meat on special occasions out but it should accompany a great glass of wine and be very lean.

    A trip to Picadilly cafeteria is a good way to cure one of the desire for red meat. They carve roast which always seems to have three to four inches of gristle and fat attached. I call it their Carcinoma Du Boeuf.

    Love seafood for the most part but some things can be overwhelming like green mussels.

    Now I'm hungry!

  7. omg, I totally concur re: fish and seafood in general. For me, I am allergic to shellfish but the ONLY fish I eat is also canned tunafish - with mayo, natch!

    I love venison if its cooked right. I also love foie gras and duck confit. Mmmm.

    I was a pretty strict vegetarian for years (for ethical/environmental reasons.) Then I moved in with a meat eater so began to eat chicken/turkey. THEN, when I got pregnant w. my daughter I could NOT get enough steak/hamburger! Nowadays, I try to mix things up and just enjoy the bounty of the earth.

  8. You are so missing out! Bluff oysters, ossobucco, rocky mountain oysters, fresh chinook salmon, calamari... damn I'm getting hungry!

  9. Oddly enough, I think cream and butter are already in their own food group... called "dairy".

  10. Just stay away from the carbs... or that'll put a hurt'n to your wardrobe choices.

  11. Foie gras how bourgeois!- and it's not even christmas yet.
    Throbbing Gristle is the perfect accompaniment avec le plat du jour


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