Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Make it stop! Please! What the lousy fuck is she wearing!! That outfit makes her look like she was screwed together. And what is up with that ASS?

And talking about big booty...Jennifer Lopez is very Tranny, Get Your Gun in this pic.
I blame him.


  1. I cannot believe you neglected to comment on the HAIR that accompanies Mizz Jacksons wacky ensemble! ;)

  2. Jenny from the Block looks like Jenny with a cock!

  3. When you wear a tight belt like that the rest has to go somewhere why not your arse!

    And what is with Janet's hair?

  4. I knew Madonna was looking rough lately, but man! That is NOT a picture from the bad candy tour that I wanted to see!

  5. brandy (and glen): oh, i don't know...the hair is a little nona hendrix, no?

    glen: then who is dressing her!? rachel zoe???

    cb: you are sothisclose, mister, to getting 100 pizzas delivered to your houseat 2:17 in the morning.


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