Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are You Kidding Me With This?


Yum. Very Yum. I have never hidden my fondness for the inked man. It's hard to believe that something that is such a turn on (for some guys) used to be tabboo and reserved for freaks and criminals.

A tattoo can be an incredible aphrodisiac for many, including moi.

Except sometimes.

I've been thinking long and hard (pun intended) on this and I've determined that there are at least five degrees of Tattoo Hatin' or Tattoo Lovin'.

1st Degree: Clean palate, please. ~or~ No tattoo, no thank you.

2nd Degree: A little goes a long way. ~or~ Nice starter.

3rd Degree: A little too much. ~or~ Can I buy you breakfast?

4th Degree: Everywhere? No. ~or~ Everywhere? Yes!

...and finally:

5th Degree: Are you kidding me with this!?
(works both ways)

(One of the aforementioned "freaks")


  1. ok....#4 melts my butter!

    and I have to say that Sagat's tattoed hair is hawt!...

    but #5. um- the mexican wrestler tatoo has got to go

  2. Yes on 1-2-3- personally I like a few not a whole bunch...but 4 and 5 would be fun for a encounter...I dont think I woud say no...LOL

  3. I do like ink... but there comes a point where I think it's just "too much of a good thing".

    Mainly when they get cutesy with it and put stars around their nipples or do face tattooing. Meh.

  4. 2nd degree for me. A little is hot (barbed wire around the bicep). Mmmmmm....

    Mark :-)

  5. I'll take a #4 to go please. (extra lube on the side.)

    He is one of the hawtest things out there right now I can't get enough of him.


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