Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashion Cares, Bitch!

Time to get tweaked, tucked, waxed and buffed! This bitch is going to Fashion Cares on Saturday!

Fashion Cares is the annual gala benefiting the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT). The event has been successful for more than twenty years now and this year's theme is "Fashion sCares," with a sexy Hallowe'en theme.

This is all so very last minute since Poodle and I swore off the event about two years ago. We thought we would skip the whole "skin is in" thing and just donate directly to ACT. But today...Poodle's boss invited us both to join her at her executive table. HELLO? I am not about to pass up this opportunity.

I'll be breaking bread with bigwigs; sloshing back champers with celebs; and dancing with Dames. Dame Shirley Bassey, that is!

Dame Shirley (now that sounds like a name) will be the headliner for the night's entertainment.

Katy Perry is going to be there, too. I'm hoping I can have a wee chat with her. And by wee chat, I mean a Tonya Harding to her larynx. See if I ever hear that fucking song again, bee-itch!

The whole thing will be hosted by Canada's fashion diva Jeanne Becker, and ...wait for it... David Furnish. Oh, yeah. Elton's biocce. I'm hoping I can have a little face time with David, too. And by face time, I mean getting a picture of me telling the 'Tox addict that he's starting to look a little old. It. Will. Be. Perfect.

Now I just need to figure out what to wear.

This is going to be difficult since it's "fancy dress" and I just can't do up my fancy dress.

Maybe a sassy bolero instead?

HALP! I need suggestions!


  1. Oooohhhh, it's gonna be so much fun. And whatever you wear, you'll rock it out.

  2. Dame Shirley and the Ex-Shirley now that's a nice combo!

    Enjoy the night and say Hi to Shirl the Girl for me!

  3. Spouse is going to be so jealous when he hears you'll be in the presence of Shirley Bassey. Maybe it will just be better NOT to tell him.

    How about a tie-dye moomoo and a 'say something' hat? Whatever you decide to wear, have fun and post photos!

    Mark :-)


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