Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!


  1. LOl!

    This was a few years ago during a Queen of Hallowe'en drag competition. I didn't win.

    Instead, it was Justine Touch, who managed to win over the judges with a performance that included a stillbirth, complete with her water breaking.

    I just managed to make flames appear out of thin air, but whatever! I guess it wasn't gross enough.

  2. Well you're the Queeniest Witch... or is that Witchiest Queen in my books...

  3. You should have won it! Still births are such bad taste. I once went to a Halloween do dressed up as Diana 2 months after she was killed in that terrible "accident". I had a real pig's heart worn around my neck like a necklace, I didn't win either, in fact they said I was sick and needed help. This was in York!

  4. Mitz... if you had worn a steeering wheel as a tiara you'd have won for sure!

  5. Very funny, Mike. You know it's me, but thank you for the comparison!

  6. In the words of Christian Soriano: Fierce hot tranny mess!

    Good job!

    Mark :-)


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