Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot Horsec:o ck???

Spam is a clever and interesting thing.

Several months ago, I mentioned that my email was getting bombarded by every possible Erectile Dysfunction solution, suggestion and remedy. I thought this was particularly funny since my email has the name "Shirley" in it. Anyone named "Shirley" who needs a little blue pill is a "girl" I have no intention of meeting.
Soon after, my email was getting spammed with buying homeopathic medicines, getting special insurance to afford expensive, life saving medicines, even how to get cheaper CANADIAN drugs. Hello?

The Spam demons are at it again. Only this time, the common theme is just nasty, awful, disgusting and in fact, a crime.

Animals. And girls. Sometimes on a farm; sometimes in their own backyard. NASTAY! I was going to post some of the freakier subjects, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I'd rather look into an outhouse hole. Besides, I don't need no freakshows googling some effed up shit and finding The Lisp!

What could ever possess someone to just want even have a glimpse of this kind of debauchery? And WHY do they think I want to, too!???


  1. not that I ever plan to- but OMG... I will never be able to look at a can of spam the same way-

  2. I love spam....And the pic is of a spam musibi--White rice and spam wrapped with seaweed called nodi...

  3. Dude! What the fuck you got against a good Donkey Show??

  4. apj; sorry.

    rad; you're not serious. you LIKE spam?

    cb: let's's a donkey.


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