Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jumping The Gun?

I think I may have settled too soon on those Madonna tickets I auctioned off. This is a seller who has tickets very close to the two that I sold. Three Grand??!! Wow.

Now, before all you Madonna naysayers (that's YOU, CB!) start squawking about paying that much $$$ for a show, check this out. I saw this on Stubhub.

That screenpic was taken 12 days ago. If you go to StubHub today, the tickets are gone. Someone PAID $30,000 for those tickets.

Must be nice. Oops. There's that shade of green that looks so bad on me.


  1. Hopefully those listings are in PESOS!

    No WAY would I pay that many US Dollars to see a washed up hasbeen perform! :-)

  2. Wow, that's an awful lotta Madonna love right there.

    Mark :-)

  3. cb: Does "cb" stand for "Concubine's Booty?"

    Mark: you're damn right there's love there!



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