Saturday, January 24, 2009

On The Road Again...

Monday seems like forever ago.

All the primary needs have been arranged, paid and executed. The next few weeks, I expect, will drag like these last 5 days have.

In the morning, Poodle and I will head back home so I can fulfill some appointments. I'll probably come back to this barren wasteland (wait, I'll show y'all pictures) sometime next week to make sure that my father isn't alone for too long.

Thank you all for so many kind words, prayers and thoughts.

Be well, and I'll post sometime soon.


  1. We look forward to your safe return. Hope you're getting what you need to keep going.

  2. Hope it wasn't too distressful for you.

  3. Hugs hugs. Just went through this myself.

  4. mikey: being as well as i can

    kitty: hug right back. btw, questions on the way.

    hobbit: thanks. i think i am.

    mitz: lol sorry, no pics. and the drugs keep distress at bay.

    joe: i'm hanging. thanks.

    lisabea: it sucks. and hugs to you, too.


you better make this good.


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