Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Todo El Mundo Tiene Que Tomarse Un Respiro

I'm going to say something here that will not win me any points and may even be considered heresy.

I think Ugly Betty needs to take a little break.

**dodges flying shoes**

Hear me out. I've been getting a little barf bag with all the "moral of the story" episodes of late.

"Betty, the truth will set you free."
"Betty, family will always be more important."
"Betty, you have to be beautiful on the inside."

ENOUGH!! I want the bitchy backtalk of Wilhelmina, Mark and Amanda. I want secrets! I want gay references galore!

I'm tired of learning how to be a better person, dubbed words like "fag" and a storyline conveniently wrapped up neatly and sweetly with a big yellow bow after one or two episodes.

I want...JUNGLE RED!


  1. And a tranny. Don't forget a tranny.

  2. Well, I think ABC feels the same way. I read that they've shelved the show and replaced it with Samantha Who? It's gettin' ugly!

  3. Why would they want to change such a good formula? Who wants a moral message these days from tv? Christ, that's why we watch it - to escape! Let CBN do the moral shit.

  4. Yeah, it's gettingva tad weepy and lovey. I want mark and amanda to pick her carcass again

  5. there it is! the one i feared most.

  6. YOu know this may be a first Shirl I think we generally tend to agree on things. I'm just pissed at the crap that ABC is spewing about their ratings when they can't air 2 NEW episodes back to back 2 months into the season and quote low overall viewing numbers from LAST season when it was cut short due to the writer's strike.

    What I will say is I want Marc's BF back and I wouldn't mind if Gio came back too!

  7. To your point...I want Cliff back too! he's so adorable and they're so cute together! I'm going to grant your wish...Gio IS coming back, although he's going to be pretty pissed at Betty.

    I've wanted to watch Samantha Who? for a long time and I'm pretty excited for Megan's new show but Thursday? No.

    You know this is Idol's fault right?

    No one wants to dare go up against it. At the very least they should have put the new shows on Monday.

    I cant record them while I watch Intervention.

    Or on Sunday before the Housewives. Put Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on Friday or something!!

    Great. Now I'm all fired up before bed.


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