Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So, the teeth look great. I gotta say.

But for the first 48 hours, I have to follow a pretty strict "White Diet." No, that's not a special meal plan for Aryans. White food, drink and such.

Example: here's my lunch. Egg white omelet with white cheddar, cottage cheese and a glass of milk. And all this on a white plate!

Last night was fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I still have another 24 hours to go.

I have never wanted a coffee soooo much!


  1. Have a white coffee! Spread vaseline over your teeth to act as a barrier.

  2. Dear lord, I can make it more than four hours without coffee. Hell, get a straw! I had my friends sneak in coffee when I was in the hospital with kidney stones because the doc said no. Had I not been on hooked up to a gazillion monitors and morphine, I'd have kicked his ass. No coffee, indeed!

  3. A STRAW!!!

    Apparently that ultraviolet light knocked out some brain cells! Where are my shoes!


you better make this good.


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