Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sexiest? We'll See...

DNA's next issue is all about the 2009's sexiest men alive. Wait. Isn't it still summer?

Anyway, it's chock-a-block with models, actors, porn stars and sports folk. No bloggers, though. That's odd, no?

Sure, your tried and true studs are there like Bale, Clooney and Gyllenhaal, but the fundamental problem with lists like this is that you always see a bunch of men that make you shake your head and say, "Really?" On the flipside, we're bound to see comments like, "...but what about X?"

But overall, I'm actually kind of pleased. While I feel nothing for the CANADIAN (Alexandre Despatie) on the list --except for pride-- there's quite a few Alternate Universe Ex-Boyfriends (AUX) that made the cut.


Randy Blue's Reese, Leo and Chris all made the list. Trust me, I have ZERO disagreement here. I would pay money to sit in a chair and watch them go at each other like sharks to chum.

Moving on to Sports...

My newest and most significant crush, shooting to #1 with a bullet, is David "Wolfman" Williams, who makes me want to do things to his Cash and Prizes that may render him a eunuch by the time I'm done with him. He's joined by fellow God of Football, Daniel Conn, who makes me want to pour melted Belgian chocolate on his tattoos and draw my initials with my tongue.

...or whatever.

Next, we have two hairy hubba hubbas that have appeared on The List.
That reminds me...I need to update that thing!

Anyway, DNA's picks of Italian dish Alessandro Calza and Philly's Bryan Thomas could not be more appropriate, especially since having had them as sometime gentlemen callers. Fantasies count, right? RIGHT!?!?

I won't give too much more away. I don't want to be "that guy." I will say this: I am so pleased to see uber-hubba Gerard Butler make it onto DNA's list.

Last year, Gerry was completely missed on...People's list? Out's Hot 100? Or was it Queerty? Yeah, it really infuriated me!


Anyway, he's in this one and it just goes to show that when trying to figure out who the hottest guys are, ask the gayest ones.

So, that's it. When it comes out, you'll see for yourself the list of yea's and nay's. Like Chace Crawford, Brent Corrigan, and...Kanye West???

But, what about this guy??? I may not have a clue who he is, and he might have a bit of weird choice in tattoos, but he is steaming hot!

If you know who he is, hook a bitch up!!!!


  1. The last pic, don't have any clue but hot stuff!

    I like em' with hair. Had you guessed?

  2. Heavens! I may have to get this issue! Of course, I can't buy it locally out here in the sticks.

  3. I will have to get a copy of this. Looks like some great photos to have around!

  4. Fabulous eye candy! The trouble with such lists is that it suggestions we all find the same thing(s) attractive or sexy, which just isn't the case.

  5. all of you fuckers lay off my gerard

    i will slice you

  6. I can't believe you don't like the Canadian dude! He is all kinda of dreamy!!!


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